Agreement between Ongo sperm test and CASA published in study

When adopting a tool like Ongo sperm test to work with, the reason may be that it gives objective motility values, it is portable, or simply that is cheaper than existing solutions. The one question that will inevitably arise before making that choice is: "Does it give accurate results compared to the standard laboratory method?". This question was answered in a study by researchers from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. They compared Ongo sperm test to a commercially available CASA system, and came to the following conclusion:

"Ongo sperm test can be a practicable, cost‐effective and robust solution in cases where a full CASA system is not required, not practicable or too expensive. Such mobile semen analysis systems may bring quality assurance in animal breeding and livestock production further down the production chain." (Buss T, Aurich J, Aurich C. Evaluation of a portable device for assessment of motility in stallion semen. Reprod Dom Anim. 2018;00:1–6.

Combined with Ongo's features of portability and cost-effectiveness, these results open up the avenue of objective semen analysis for users who would otherwise have to rely on their best guess regarding semen quality.

The study, published in "Reproduction in Domestic Animals", may be found here:

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