Frequently asked questions

What is Ongo Sperm Test?

Ongo sperm test is a device for the assessment of semen motility and concentration. It is calibrated for use with the specified species only. It is suitable for users who are involved in semen collection, preparation and processing, or artificial insemination.
Ongo sperm test is designed and calibrated for use in combination with Ongo slides and should only be used in this way.

How do I make measurement? How does it work?

Connect Ongo sperm test to the power connector, or make sure the battery is sufficiently charged. Make sure the pen drive in inserted to the USB interface. Switch on the device. Place an Ongo slide onto the stage. Choose the menu item “start”. The stage will begin warming up. When the displayed temperature reaches 37°C, a 5 µl sample can be pipetted into the right-hand chamber. The optimal concentration range is 25-100 million sperm cells/ml. A live view of the sample is visible on the screen. Use the “+” and “-“ buttons to focus the sample. Start focusing with minus sign!Start by pressing the “-“ button. Use the toggle button and adjust the lighting to obtain optimal contrast. Choose a field of view without artifacts. When selecting a field of view, make sure the left side of the slide is pushed up against the edge to ensure correct placement of the chamber. Press “record”. A two second video is recorded at 30 fps and analyzed, and the results are displayed.

What are the results?

The results screen indicates the sample ID and lists values for cell count, concentration (million sperm/ml), progressive motility (%), total motility (%), and immotile cells (%). Note down the sample ID, this number corresponds to the folder name on the pen drive where all results and videos of this sample are stored.

How do I make repeated measurements on the same slide?

Measurements of the same sample can be continued with a further video by pressing the “repeat” button, or results can be saved and the measurement process of the current sample concluded by pressing the “finish” button. When repeating measurement of the same sample, select a new field of view by moving the Ongo slide up or down in the direction of its long side, keeping it flush with the edge on its left side. After recording further videos, all results are displayed as averages, except the cell count, which is cumulative.

I got "drift" error message. What does it mean?

If movement of all objects in one direction is detected, the error message “drift” will be displayed on the results screen. In this case, make sure that drift from filling the chamber has subsided. Wait a few seconds before recording the first video there is no excess semen after filling the chamber. 5 µl of the sample should be used the device is placed on a level surface and undisturbed during measurements.

What does "low cell count" error meassage mean?

Low cell count: If fewer than 20 cells are measured in one video, the error message “low cell count” will be displayed on the results screen. In this case, make sure that the Ongo slide is placed correctly (see above), the chamber is completely filled (5µl), the sample is not too dilute.

Ongo bounces back from "Heating ... Please wait".

In case of low battery power, Ongo will return to the main screen. If a measurement process is underway, it will not be aborted, however the stage will no longer be heated.

Ongo keeps displaying “Put Ongo slide with sample".

Ongo slides are authenticated by the device. In case of authentication failure, the prompt “Put Ongo slide with sample” will be displayed. In case of authentication failure of an Ongo slide, please put a new Ongo slide with sample and send the failed Ongo slide to us.

What data are saved to pendrive?

All data can be found on the pen drive in a folder corresponding to the sample ID on the results screen. The files stored in each folder are:
- a PDF file listing the results of the individual videos as well as the averaged results
- MP4 videos of each measurement

What kind of care does Ongo need?

Protect Ongo sperm test from water and temperatures outside 0-50°C. Always use transport case and padding when transporting or not in use. Clean with a dry cloth. Clean the lens cover with a non-scratching textile suitable for optical equipment. To retain warranty, only use the power supply provided in the Ongo Starter Kit. Warranty is void if the device is opened or modified.

What do I need to watch out?

Do not open or modify the device in any way. Ensure that your power supply is set to the correct voltage in your area. If you are not sure about the voltage of the electrical outlet you are using, contact your local power Company. If the power supply is broken, do not try to fix it by yourself. Contact a qualified service technician or your retailer. Before using the product, ensure all cables are correctly connected and the power cables are not damaged. If you detect any damage, contact your dealer immediately. To avoid short circuits, keep paper clips, screws, and staples away from connectors, slots, sockets and circuitry. Avoid dust, humidity, and temperature extremes. Do not place the product in any area where it may become wet. Place the product on a stable surface. Caution: stage for slides may have a hot surface. If you encounter technical problems with the product, contact a qualified service technician or your retailer.